$21.3 Million of GMH Vendor Payables is 90 Days Past Due


According to a vendors payable list from the Guam Memorial Hospital dated May 31st of this year most of the money GMH owes to vendors is 90 days past due.

Guam – Out of the nearly $30 million dollars that GMH owes it’s vendors most of it is 90 days past due.


In fact a total of $21.3 million is listed as over 90 days past due. This is according to a vendors payable list from the Guam Memorial Hospital. GMH provided the list to Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz after he requested via a Freedom of Information Act or FOIA reqest. The list is dated as of May 31st of this year. $1.7 million is 60 days past due, $1.8 million is $30 days past due and $1.5 million is currently owed or less than 30 days past due.


The largest chunk is what’s called payroll payables and that accounts for about $17.5 million dollars. About $10 million is owed to various medical supply and other similar vendors. The rest is owed to dietary vendors, utilities, doctors and patient refunds.