23 Guam Families are Close to Owning their First Homes


Twenty-three of Guam’s families are closer to owning their first homes.

PNC’s Destiny Cruz has more…

As the impacts of the pandemic only compounded the acquisition of affordable housing for many of Guam’s first-time homeowners, 23 eligible recipients are that much closer to owning their own home through the First Time Homeowners Assistance Program, administered by the Guam Housing Corporation.

On Thursday, Lieutenant Governor Josh Tenorio presented certificates of recognition to the 23 recipients of the program’s benefits, which aids qualifiers in meeting financial costs, closing expenses, and associated fees. Moreover, the program provides recipients with 4% of their home’s total purchase or construction price; however, not to exceed the eligible translation amount of $375,000 per public.

During the presentation ceremony, Francisco Florig, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the GHC, spoke about how essential the program’s sustainability is for Guam’s families.

The latest batch of housing assistance grants totals $219,000 approved for the 23 families. Shortly following Florig’s sentiments, Lieutenant Governor Tenorio expressed his excitement for the recipients.

For more information on the First Time Homeowners Assistance Program, visit guamhousing.org/first-time-homeowners.

Destiny Cruz
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