Night life on Guam is looking to make a comeback as the pandemic eases up


After three years of the pandemic freezing the island’s nightlife scene, Guam’s biggest Electronic music festival is back.

PNC’s Althea Engman has more…


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For the 8th time, EIF has made a comeback to the island of Guam after having to cancel the 2020 and 2021 festivals.

Set for August 13th, the community can get a taste of the rave life at the Yigo Raceway from 6pm to 2 am.

According to Festival Director, Art DeGuzman feels that Guam is now ready to take the next step to introducing Guam’s life.

People have been staying home and doing their best to keep the cases low and now DeGuzman feels that with all the festivals going on around the world, people on Guam just need a big celebration to get over this whole pandemic.

People in attendance can expect new additions to the mix, local artists, and various artists from the United states and at least one from Japan, said DeGuzman.

{SOT: } Art DeGuzman, Festival Director

Well this year, I’m really focusing on getting a lot of local talents and also local businesses, vendors, clothing businesses, food trucks. During the 2 years of the pandemic, there have been so many vendors with food trucks so i’m gonna do my best to create a whole vendor village of just food. Merchandise, and you can see just a local business happen over there at EIF.

To make sure people feel safe, masks wearing will be encouraged, there will be temperature checks and sanitizing station throughout the area and a section where the 6ft rule is applied

Even with the pandemic putting a halt on many of Guam’s local events, Art DeGuzman has said that we need to reignite the nightlife back to bring in some customers and tourism back to Guam

{SOT: } Art DeGuzman, Festival Director

Other promoters, together we’re going to basically try to bring the music industry in Guam. We want to show the people around the world that we have something magical here and let’s all work together and show the world that Guam is a music in paradise, it’s the best place to check out the music scene, and there’s no competitors for me and I want everyone to be successful and do well

The announcement of the full line up will be coming soon and for the return of other events on Guam and in Saipan.

{SOT: } Art DeGuzman, Festival Director
We’re coming back on August 13 and I hope everyone is prepared, get your outfits ready

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