Heartbeat Act Bill Has its First Public Hearing

Sens. Tom Ada (D) and Mary Torres (D) prepare to vote on four bills this morning, including a measure to roll back October's four-cents-per-gallon liquid fuel tax increase. Ada voted against the rollback, Torres voted for it.

The controversial Heartbeat Act of Guam heard public testimony at the Legislature for those who are For or against bill 291.


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PNC’s Althea Engman has more…
on Wednesday a public hearing for Bill 291-36 took place at the Guam Legislature. In attendance were members of the community, who voiced either their support or opposition to the bill.

As of Thursday morning, the Committee received 127 testimonies in favor of Bill 291-36 and 678 testimonies in opposition to Bill 291-36. And as of last night, 36 people have testified in person on Bill 291-36.

According to the Attorney General of Guam, no court has found that the Texas Heart Beat Act which bill 291-36 was modeled after is unconstitutional and added that abortion is illegal on the island.

One of the arguments brought up by those who oppose the bill was that Bill 291-36 does not take into account rape victims. And that the bill would allow people to profit, as they could sue those who were involved during the procedure.

In an interview with PNC, co-sponsor senator Frank Blas Jr. said that people “made the choice to do the act that caused a child to be conceived.”

Moreover, those who are in support of proc choice argue that the bill doesn’t help nor protect the rape victims. Kiana Yabut who spoke for Attorney Ariolla had this to say.

Meanwhile,Sharon O’Mallan, testified in support of the bill, arguing that it was not her religion that impacted her choice, rather it was life and science.

Other people in the panel argued for a better understanding of the bill and for concerns to be addressed.

The hearing is set to continue tomorrow, Friday May 6th.

Althea Engman
PNC News First