Guam Seeks to Increase Air Seats by 52%

A Taiwanese tourist waves his hand triumphantly upon entering the Guam airport. (GVB file photo)

The Guam visitors bureau predicts a 52% increase in air seats for Guam.

PNC’s Damen Michael has this story


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On Tuesday the Guam visitors bureau held its air service development meeting in which it looks to provide a forecast on Guam’s possible arrivals for this year.
In recent years due to the global tourism freeze and decline due to the pandemic visitor arrivals have had sudden drops in visitations, but this year GVB predicts possibly a higher chance of a return in our tourist market.

For the Fiscal year, 2020 GVB observed a total of 757,385 visitors which suddenly decreased to 61,607 visitors for the fiscal year 2021. This decrease resulted to be a 91.9 percent decrease in visitors at the peak of the pandemic.

Currently, Guam’s biggest tourist markets are Japan and Korea. In previous years japan and Korea made up the majority of the visitation market range of approximately 90% of the market.

In the last few months for the year, 2022 Korea and Japan have totaled around 2928 visitors from japan and 8091 visitors from Korea.

FY 2022 has currently a total visitors of 50,352 which means that Guam’s usual biggest market of Koreans and Japanese visitors only share a 21.8% of the current market.

All though Guam is on track to produce a higher visitor arrival count than the fiscal year 2021, it is nowhere near the record highs of the pre-pandemic fiscal year 2019 of 1.6 million visitors.

As of current visitor forecasts predicted by the Guam visitors bureau, Japan and Korea look to produce a projection rate of 201,924 visitors from Japan and 233,675 visitors from Korea. This predictive observation of the air service data states Korea and Japan could piece together 41.6 percent of the FY2022 market total of 806,285 visitors.

Damen Michael PNC News First.