Paintball Community is Coming Back After 15 Years


After nearly 15 years of stagnancy, the paintball community is coming back.

Here’s the field report

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In an effort to promote healthy living and revive paintball on the island, Paintball Junkie is hosting a Free Paintball Experience on June 5th at the Sinajana Field.

Kyle Padilla, paintball junkie owner stated, “We want to grow the sport with the island. We want to introduce it with all the other kids and we want everyone to enjoy themselves.”

According to Paintball Junkie owner, Kyle Padilla, Paintball Junkie was established in the Fall of 2021 and continues to grow.

He shared what people can expect when jumping into paintball for the first time.

Kyle Padilla, Paintball Junkie Owner added, “It’s an extremely fun and active sport. It requires a lot of physical but then we still… we still apply… you know… mental. It’s mentally challenging as well.

Padilla shared that paintball on Guam has been around since the early 2000’s — then sometime in the 2010’s, people lost interest in the sport.

It wasn’t until recently, another Paintball Junkie reached out to Kronix Hobby owner and long time paintball player Albert Manansala to get back into paintball and help revive the dying community.

Albert Manansala, Kronix Hobbies Owner stated, “When they called me out and I said, ‘I don’t know if my knees can take it.’ I mean you know, I gotta get healthy again and man, here I am. I’m back up, I’m healthy. I’m playing with the young bucks.”

Manansala also shared how he hopes to promote healthy living through the sport away from video games and electronics.

Albert Manansala, Kronix Hobbies Owner stated, “We’re trying to show kids. You know, come out and play. You know put down your electronic devices. You wanna play Fortnite and the real Call of Duty? Go play here.” he also adds, “You cannot explain it. It’s like a shot of adrenaline on your vein — that if you play it once, you’re going to come back again. It’s super addicting.”

The June 5th event will feature free admission, free food, free drinks, and free rental setup of paintballs and gear for the day.

Wrapping up the interview, Padilla shared what paintball means to him.

Kyle Padilla stated, “It’s an undying hobby, sport, and passion that I can always bond with my family.”

For more information on the event visit Paintball Junkie’s Instagram and Facebook pages or call (671) 488-5783.



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