DPHSS Update the Community on a Recent Covid Cases Spike


Following a spike of COVID cases and deaths in the past week, Public Health officials spoke on what this could mean for the island.

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With the uptick of cases in the past week, the island sits at Community Risk Level Medium and according to Interim Chief Medical Officer Dr. Robert Leon Guerrero, a change of COVID restrictions will only follow if there are more admissions into the hospitals — particularly the ICU — and more COVID related deaths.

Moreover, the island saw another COVID-related fatality just yesterday, with the passing of the fully vaccinated 77-year-old with underlying health conditions marking the 367th COVID-related death for Guam.

Dr. Robert Leon Guerrero, Interim Chief Medical Officer stated, “But right now because the risk level is low for hospitalizations and stuff, we’re going to stay away from the mandates.”

Territorial Epidemiologist Dr. Ann Pobustky reported that the island currently has a high positivity test rate — bringing the 7 Day Rolling Average to 80 cases per day.

She further reported that the number of cases we’re seeing this month is similar to the numbers we have seen in March.

Dr. Ann Pobustky, Territorial Epidemiologist stated, “When we’re seeing this increase in cases recently, it kinda puts us back where we were in March, but nothing like we saw in January-February.”

Through the recent spike, public health experts continue to stress that COVID-19 is still not over and emphasized continuing safety protocols.

Dr. Robert Leon Guerrero, Interim Chief Medical Officer stated, “We at public health continue to recommend wearing a mask. We didn’t — it wasn’t a mandate but we still recommend it because we’re still in the pandemic obviously.”

In regard to the recent COVID-related passing of a 77 year old woman, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero sends her condolences to the woman’s family and further stated:

“We are reminded that our fight against this virus is not over. Use the tools that have proven to work in order to protect our most vulnerable.”

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