Public Hearing Held for Cannabis-Infused Products


The journey to establish a Cannabis Industry on the island continues –

A public hearing was held earlier today to legalize the sale of cannabis-infused cosmetic and food products.

PNC’S Devin Eligio has more

During today’s public hearing, members of the public gave their testimony on how medical cannabis was beneficial to their recovery.

Such as Shawn Salas, who is a cancer survivor who, without cannabis, wouldn’t have been able to recover comfortably in the way he did.

Salas said, “Doctors eventually discovered a massive tumor in my brain.”… “In one week, I went from being able to paddleboard every weekend.”… “To being unable to walk without assistance from crutches or a walker and in some days a wheelchair.”

After undergoing surgery in California, Salas was prescribed multiple medications in the form of pills for his recovery. Fearful of falling into a heavy reliance on pills, he asked the overseas doctors if he could instead use cannabis for his recovery.

His doctors agreed to his cannabis use and further said it would be beneficial to his health.

Salas further said, “Cannabis-infused gummies were the reason I never cracked open any of the pain or sleeping aid medication I was given.”

Salas was only one out of the many that expressed their support for Bill 333 in today’s public hearing.

Bill 333 aims to legalize the sale of cannabis-infused cosmetic products and cannabis-infused foods, otherwise known as edibles.

The bill was authored by Senator Clynt Ridgell with the help of Guam Public Health and the Governor’s Policy Division.

Tom Nadeau, the Chief Environmental Public Health Officer under the agency’s Division of Environmental Health, also testified his support of the bill in today’s hearing.

Nadeau said, “The Department of Public Health and Social Services does not oppose Bill 333-36 to allow cannabis-infused foods to be processed, manufactured, and sold on Guam.”

The bill received overwhelming support from members of the public, including some senatorial candidates like Attorney Tom Fisher, Jonathan Savares, Bistra Mendiola, and Will Parkinson.

Along with the support came concerns about the grander scope of Guam’s Cannabis Industry.

Steven Roberto, Guam Real Deal Owner said, “The cannabis industry is not yet functioning.” He also added, “Under current law, if there is no testing, there is no industry.”

Guam law requires a lab testing facility for medical cannabis. This lab would ensure that cannabis is safe to use.

Roberto further said, “The reason there is no lab on the island is that no testing company believes that Guam’s market is robust enough to support testing expenses in the first place.”

He then further added that cannabis businesses like his are unable to do anything because of a lack of a testing facility in Guam, despite having the necessary licenses.

He implored the Legislature to remove the need for a testing facility, referencing the CNMI’s thriving no-test cannabis industry.

Bill 333 might be heard by lawmakers as soon as this Friday if the Legislature decides to place the bill on their session agenda.

Reporting for the Pacific News Center,
I’m Devin Eligio


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