$243M in Guam buildup projects delayed as funds diverted to Trump’s border wall project; firing range timeline extended

All construction projects are suspended starting the close of business Saturday, November 14, 2020, until further directive from the DPHSS. (File photo)

Some $243 million in Guam buildup projects have been delayed due to the diversion of funds to President Trump’s border wall project.

According to Congressman Michael San Nicolas, Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer called him personally to discuss the diversion of $243.2 million from Guam buildup projects to the border wall project.

“This is not a cancellation of projects but an extension of their timelines, and no projects that have already been awarded are impacted,” San Nicolas said.

“Of particular interest is the delay of the machine gun firing range, with its timeline extended for an additional year, giving our people more time to advocate as necessary on this sensitive issue,” the congressman added.

In addition, San Nicolas said no military housing projects or family care facilities will be delayed, helping to relieve pressure on local housing markets to stabilize pricing.

Project timelines are extended for one year as follows:

* Machine Gun Range – $50.1M
* Earth Covered Magazines – $52.2M
* Road Interchanges On-Base – $2.5M
* Water Well Field – $56.1M
* Navy Tie-In to Local Utilities – $37.2M
* Munition Storage 1 – $35.3M
* Munition Storage 2 – $9.8M

San Nicolas said he has been warning about this possible diversion of funds from the Guam buildup to the border wall earlier in the year and this has now officially come to pass.

But he assured that he will continue to monitor the matter and protect the Guam buildup funds.