2,500 Refund Checks to Be Mailed Out by Friday


Guam –  Some more details released today [Tuesday] following Monday’s announcemnt from the Governor’s office that an additional $6-million dollars in 2012 tax refunds would be mailed out Friday.

This latest batch of refund checks will cover the 2012 “A-Status” returns filed through March 28th. That’s 4 days beyond that last release of refunds.

In all 2,500 checks will be sent out to Guam taxpayers, and the Governor’s office expects that all 2012 tax refunds will be paid by October.

READ the release from the Governor’s Office below:

TAX REFUND UPDATE: 2,500 Checks to be Mailed

The Department of Revenue and Taxation has completed its review of the $6 million in tax refunds that Governor Eddie Baza Calvo ordered to be released.  DRT Deputy Director Marie Benito reports that 2,500 checks will be mailed on Friday.  These checks will cover Status A returns filed by March 28.

Yesterday afternoon, Governor Calvo ordered the release of these refunds in response to requests from constituents over social media, news forums, phone calls, and at the 1st Annual Families Fair.