$250K cash bail for prisoners charged with detainee’s death


Guam – The remaining defendants facing murder charges in the December prison beating case appeared in court today.

Albert Babauta Santos, Benster Benjamin, Jimmy Hadley and Marvin Rechim were supposed to have their bail set last Friday for their initial appearance, but their hearings were continued to today.

With the exception of Santos whose hearing was rescheduled to tomorrow, the remaining defendants were held on $250,000 cash bail each.

The four, along with A-last Simiron, Isler Miller and Andrew James Rios, are accused of taking turns kicking and punching Hagatna Lockup detainee Manson Ernest until he was unconscious. While unresponsive, Rios allegedly sexually assaulted Ernest.

A magistrate report indicates the motive behind the fatal attack was vigilante justice. Ernest was facing charges of criminal sexual conduct and home invasion for the rape of a woman with down syndrome.

Ernest’s death was ruled a homicide. Santos’s magistrate hearing, meanwhile, was continued to tomorrow to give the court time to find Santos legal representation.