A 2nd Ethics Complaint is Filed Against Lt. Governor-elect and Senator Ray Tenorio


Guam – A 2nd ethics complaint has been filed against Lt. Governor Elect Ray Tenorio.

The legal counsel for the Calvo -Tenorio team, Tom Fisher confirmed in an email response to PNC News that “Lt. Governor-elect Ray Tenorio was notified of an ethics complaint filed against him by Dr. William W. Weare two weeks ago.”

Fisher said that he would file a motion “to dismiss this spurious complaint with the Committee on Ethics and Standards. This is yet another politically-driven accusation with no merit.”

The specific allegations in the complaint have not yet been revealed.

The Chair of the Legislature’s ethics panel, Senator Judi Guthertez this morning said that the second complaint was filed on November 29th and its details would be released to the media tomorrow, Thursday, as required by the Committee’s rules.

The Ethics Committee will meet Monday to consider the complaint.

This is the second complaint to be filed against the Lt. Governor-elect since the November 2nd General Election.

The first complaint was filed by  Harold Cruz in reference to Tenorio’s name change in 1996.

Last month, the Ethics Panel rejected the preliminary report prepared by their regular counsel Anthony Camacho after Camacho disclosed that he had contributed to the Calvo-Tenorio Campaign and that his wife was on the Calvo-Tenorio transition team.

The Committee issued a wanted notice for another Attorney to hear Cruz’s complaint. Senator Judi Guthertz says they have selected a new attorney to hear the Cruz complaint as well as this new complaint filed against Tenorio. That attorney’s name will also be announced tomorrow as well.

Camacho’s report exonerated Tenorio, but it was not adopted by the Ethics Panel, nor was it publicly released. But you can read the copy obtained by PNC News by clicking on the link below.

Read Attorney Camacho’s report on Harold Cruz’s Ethics Complaint

The Ethics Panel meets again at Noon on Monday in the Legislative Hearing Room.