VIDEO: 2nd Ethics Complaint Against Tenorio Alleges Moral Turpitude Over Handling of Child Support


Guam – The second ethics complaint filed against Lt. Governor elect Ray Tenorio stems from his handling of issues and money regarding his natural born children from his first marriage.

Today the legislature’s committee on ethics released the actual complaint filed by Dr. William Weare. The complaint that was filed cites two things. First it claims his handling of child support payments for his children is an act of moral turpitude. Second, it cites a possible failure to inform the election commission and the people of Guam about his adherence to his legal obligations and responsibilities in the past. The complaint contains with it copies of three domestic court cases. In the first case is one in which Tenorio states that he “does not wish to have any visitation with the five minor children of the parties”. The second case shows that there were child support arrears in the amount of ten thousand nine hundred twenty one dollars and the third case dealt with Tenorio’s motion to set aside the child support settlement agreement that is to remove the court’s jurisdiction over the entire matter. Yesterday

Tenorio’s attorney Tom Fisher released a statement saying, “I will file a motion to dismiss this spurious complaint with the Committee on Ethics and Standards. This is yet another politically-driven accusation with no merit.” Both this ethics complaint and the one filed previously by Harold Cruz will be heard before the ethics committee on Monday at noon. Both complaints will be handled by a new ethics committee attorney who has yet to be named.