3 Agat Men Arrested in Alleged Plot to Kill Police Officer


Guam – Guam Police have arrested 3 men in connection with an alleged plot to kill a Guam Police Officer.

According to a release from GPD Spokesman Officer A.J. Balajadia, the 3 Agat men have been booked and confined.

READ the allegations against the trio in the Magistrate’s complaint HERE

They are:

1. Michael Joaquin Torre, Male/Chamorro/26/Agat, for Conspiracy to Commit Murder.

2. Jeremiah Santos Isezaki, Male/Chamorro/27/Agat, for Terrorizing and Conspiracy to Commit Murder.

3. Brandon John Baluran, Male/Chamorro/26/Agat, for Conspiracy to Commit Murder, and Guilt Established by Complicity.

Officer Balajadia states that  GPD Detectives followed up on information “regarding a plot to kill a police officer.” And as a result, CID arrested the 3 men.

Officer Balajadia adds: “These types of threats against our officers are taken very serious. A threat to harm a police officer is a 3rd degree felony.”