Guam Customs Confiscates Counterfeit Bills


Guam – Within the past week, on three separate occasions, three bogus one hundred dollar bills were discovered at the airport. Guam Customs and Quarantine says its unusual to find that many counterfeit bills in such a short span.

Guam Customs and Quarantine Lt Ferdinand Soriano says. “There are counterfeits and they are being imported into the island.”

He says two of the $100 bills were found on two separate flights. The first one was discovered on December 2nd on a flight from Saipan and the other was from Taipei, Taiwan on December 5th. The third bill was found by a Customs civilian clerk counting cash from the days receipts. Soriano says its not common to have counterfeit bills to pop up.

Soriano says, “Here at our office we may see a counterfeit bill in our area once in a blue moon, but to have three within 7 is highly suspect.”

He says their agency is trained by the U.S. Secret Service to detect counterfeits. They also have intelligence regarding supernotes, which refers to a high quality counterfeit US one hundred dollar bill. Soriano says the technology used to create the supernotes exceeds that of the original. The U.S. Secret Service believes that these supernotes are most likely being produced in North Korea or China. But Soriano adds that the counterfeits that they found over then past week were not of that quality. The bills found were simple copies using poor ink on white paper. Soriano say the Guam Customs and quarantine uses an UV money detector to determine if the money real or a counterfeit.

Soraino says an average person won’t have a UV money detector but there are other ways to detect a counterfeit. U.S. Currency usually have a rough coarse texture because its made of cotton, where as regular paper has a smooth texture so you can feel the difference right away.

Our bills also have color shifting ink. When you tilt it, you can see it go from gold to green thats when you can tell its an authentic bill. Also if you hold the money up to a light source, there are water marks and a security thread as well.

If you are really meticulous about it, you can look for the micro printing on the bill. On the $20 bill, there is micro printing on Andrew Jackson’s right shoulder that has a phrase, “The United States of America”. If a counterfeit bill was photo copied, the phrase would turn into a jagged line. Soriano says the three $100 counterfeit bills have been turned over to the U.S. Secret Service. According to the Secret Service, 1 in 10,000 bills is a counterfeit of the high quality attributed to the supernotes.