3 More Guam Schools Vandalized In Past 2 Days


Guam – Despite the recent arrest of the 8 juveniles in connection with vandalism and harassment at FB Leon Guerrero Middle and Machanaonao Elementary schools, the message has not yet gotten through to some island students. Three more schools, all in Dededo were vandalized in the past 2 days.

Two of the incidents occurred early Tuesday morning, one at Benavente Middle School and the other at Astumbo Elementary. The third incident occurred at Finegayan Elementary school which was vandalized early Monday morning.

 Finegayan Elementary Principal Evangeline Iglesias says, “These perpetrators who come into the school have a purpose to find whatever money is at the school site.”

Iglesias wonders whats going on in the Dededo community. She heard from colleagues that Astumbo Elementary School was also vandalized . But it she says it was more the exterior that was defaced and then this morning Benavente was also broken into.

Benavente Middle School Assistant Principal Sil Quinene says, “Today they discovered that their school had been broken in to. About 4 classrooms had been opened up and accessed . I know a laptop computers and a teachers personal cordless phone had been taken and a class room had been tagged. Our cafeteria was also broken into and two knives were taken and we recovered one and this issue is currently under investigation.”

Iglesias says, “Early Monday morning her school custodian discovered that the main office and three classrooms had been vandalized. She says they broke the classroom windows and entered the three classrooms. They went through all of the students desks and tried to pry open the teachers filing cabinets. Iglesias believes in total, there was about $500 worth of damage done to these classrooms, and the only thing taken were a few snack. Iglesias says they also ransacked main office but they didn’t take much.

But there was one area that we did find that they did take something from was a cd radio that they took from the office clerk. There was about $20 in cash that was taken from the assistant principals desk which was money that they collected for the Christmas club committee that they were fund raising for the faculty Christmas party.”

But according to Iglesias, this isn’t the first time her school was broken into. She says the school was vandalized three times last year and a teacher was attacked in the parking lot.

Iglesias says, “The sun was already setting down and a teacher stayed after hours to do work. The perpetrator waited and tried to steal the teachers purse. He dragged her across the parking lot trying to take her bag. She ended up getting numerous bruises from that act.”

Iglesias would like the community to assist her in maintaining a safe school. She says our community has a neighborhood watch program that protects our homes, but we should expand our neighborhood watch program to protect all of our island schools.