3 Other Senators Join Respicio In Calling On Governor to Convene Guam 1st Commission


Guam – Guam lawmakers continue to pressure of Governor Eddie Calvo to convene the Guam First Commission.

A release from Senator Rory Respicio’s office today [Friday] says that 3 other Senators have now joined him in calling on the Governor to immediately convene the Commission. It comes 2 days Respico issued a statement also calling for the immediate convening of the Commission.

The bill authorizing the Guam First Commission became law after Senator’s over-road a veto by former Governor Felix Camacho. But Camacho never convened the Commission because he felt it was in conflict with the Executive’s Branch’s authority over the Military Military buildup.

The 3 Senator joining Respicio’s call for conveying the Commission immediately are Senators Judi Won Pat, Judi Guthertz and Frank Blas Jr, all of whom would have seats on the Guam First Commission when it is convened.

Today’s release [Friday], from Respicio’s office, states that:

“Several members of the Legislature are insisting that the Guam First Commission … be called to order during next week’s visit of a buildup delegation from Washington D.C.”

The four Guam Senators, who are members of the Commission, are calling on Governor Eddie Calvo to convene the GFC for the meeting with high-ranking Federal officials. The programmatic agreement will be one of the primary topics of discussion. The Senators are asking the Governor ‘in the spirit of bi-partisanmship and to benefit our people and our island, to immediately empanel and convene the Commission.'”

The buildup delegation arriving on island next week includes Under Secretary of the Navy Robert Work, Assistant Secretary of the Navy Jackalyne Pfannenstiel, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense Dr. Dorothy Robyn and Assistant Deputy Commandant of the Marine Corps Brigadier General Robert Ruark.

Yesterday [Thursday], Governor Calvo’s office issued a release affirming the Governor’s continued commitment to the Guam First Commission. The Governor voted for the bill when he was a Senator and during the campaign he promised to convene the Commission if he were elected Governor.

However now Governor has not yet said when he would convene the Commission.