DPHSS: No positive cases of COVID-19 after more than 90 tests over the past 4 days


For the past four days, the Guam Department of Public Health has conducted over 90 tests for COVID-19 and none of those tests were positive for the disease.  1 case was diagnosed clinically, DLS found another.

The drop in new cases comes amid renewed warnings of a second wave and projections that we may not hit the peak of confirmed cases until mid-May.

The Governor, for now, is relying on those projections and has no plans to lift the current restrictions before May 5th.

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In her daily Facebook post Thursday morning, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero reported that 13 more people had recovered from COVID-19.

That raised to 86 the total number of island residents who have recovered out of the 135 who have tested positive.

As of Thursday afternoon, there were only 44 active cases of COVID-19 on the civilian side of fence.

“We are at about a 63 percent recovery rate or infection rate is about 14.5 percent. These are good numbers. Hopefully, we will continue on in these next couple of weeks with this slow and low trajectory.”

On Monday, April 13, 33 samples were tested by public health, none were positive. 1 case was clinically diagnosed. 134 confirmed.

On Tuesday, April 14: 30 tests were conducted, public health found no positives, DLS found one. 135 confirmed.

On Wednesday, April 14, 19 tested, again zero positive cases of COVID-19.

And on Thursday April 15, 11 were tested, none were negative.

PNC asked: “Why aren’t we finding more positives? Are we not testing the right group of people? Or not doing enough testing? Or could it be the experts are wrong and we’vre already past the peak?”

The governor answered: “The progression of the testing is dependent on the supply. And because earlier we were so limited in supply, we wanted to catch the much more critical and the much more serious. The symptomatic ones and so forth. Now that we have more leeway in the number of testing supplies we will be testing more and I can guarantee you we’ll see more infections.”

The Governor’s current health emergency extends to May 5 and she said she has no plans of following President Trump’s lead by easing any of the restrictions on Guam before that date.

“I will say I will not ease it before May 5. I’m actually looking at May 5th to see if we can start easing it after May 5th. And again, it’s dependent on what we’re seeing in these next 3 to 4 weeks. If we continue on this slow and low trajectory because of the measures we have put forward, then I would feel that after May 5th we could start maybe easing some of these restrictions. But I’m not going do it before May 5th,” the governor said.

A different story for the USS Roosevelt crew

It is an entirely different story for the crew of the U.S.S. Roosevelt.

The Navy Thursday reported that 615 sailors from the aircraft carrier that remains docked in Apra Harbor have now tested positive for COVID-19.

And one more sailor joined four others at Naval Hospital Guam Wednesday. All 5 are being treated for symptoms of COVID-19 and one of them remains in the Intensive Care Unit at Naval Hospital due to shortness of breath.