30-year-old COVID patient on ventilator at GMH

Guam Memorial Hospital is decades old. (PNC file photo)

As of Tuesday afternoon, three people were hospitalized on Guam for COVID-19, according to the latest Joint Information Center update.

All three patients are at Guam Memorial Hospital. Two of them are in stable condition and one is critical.

GMH administrator Lillian Perez-Posadas tells PNC News that two of the patients are male and one is female. They range in age from 30s to 60s.

Perez-Posadas says the one in critical condition is a male in his 30s. She says he’s stabilized but on a ventilator.

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“Meaning that there hasn’t been any change in the condition but he continues to need close supervision and close monitoring. Vital signs every 30 minutes to an hour, checking the lungs, just making sure the heart rhythm and the pattern and the rate are within the normal parameters. So, the blood pressure is being monitored very closely and just checking to make sure that the individual doesn’t deteriorate or it doesn’t lead to a situation where more intervention is needed,” Perez-Posadas said.

The patient in critical care does not have any prior medical history which came to the surprise of GMH staff, for how young he is needing urgent care.

Earlier the JIC had reported two patients were hospitalized at Naval Hospital. However, that’s since been updated and Joint Region Marianas confirmed that there are currently NO COVID-patients at Naval Hospital.

Guam added seven new cases of the virus yesterday, bringing the total thus far to 375 confirmed positives.


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