300 Students Participate in International Math Kangaroo Competition


Students were even rewarded with a Math carnival after the competition. 

Guam – About 300 students gathered at the Guam Community College for the biggest math event on island.


For the annual Math Fest, students first participated in the international competition Math Kangaroo. Then after students tested their knowledge in solving math problems, they were rewarded with the Math Carnival. GCC student clubs and organizations set up games for students to play and learn math at the same time. For example, they had displays where they had to answer math problems in Japanese, go “fish” for answers to math problems, answer math problems to advance in a bunny hop, or, for the older students, learn how to use Microsoft Excel to solve math problems.

GCC Math and Science Department Chairperson Steve Lam says, “The major thing is try to promote the learning of Math, encourage young students to enjoy Math. It’s not just sitting in the classroom doing numbers. They can have fun.”