3,033 In-Office Votes Cast; GEC Confident In General Election Preps


Guam- The Guam Election Commission (GEC) Board of Directors continued its meeting Thursday evening to go through all the details in preparing for the November 2 General Election.

Executive Director John Blas says they have already mailed out 369 of 389 absentee ballots, as well as received 414 absentee ballots. GEC staff also assembled and trained 5 teams of 2 individuals for its homebound voting service for disabled and ill voters that cannot make it to the polls. So far, they’ve received 187 applications and serviced 67 people. The last day to apply for homebound voting is tomorrow, October 29.

Blas also tells the board as of 3 pm on Thursday, about 3,033 in-office votes have been cast and that they continue to train alternates to fill precinct officials who may have already pulled out.

The total number of registered voters is still being keyed in, although the total is expected to be ready before the end of Thursday. In addition, the test election will be conducted on Monday, although there were plans to do it on Sunday. Blas says the University of Guam won’t be available until 6 pm.

Also, GEC has no word on any write-in candidates running in this election. However, PNC has received word Jeff’s Pirate Cove Owner Jeff Pleadwell and Senator Jim Espaldon are running as write-ins.

As for election day itself, Blas says he’s confident in the preparations leading up to November 2.

The board will reconvene its meeting at 4 pm on Monday, November 1 at the UOG Field house. A new meeting will be scheduled at 9 pm election night.