30th Guam Legislature Concludes Its Term


Guam – Late last night (December 22nd Wednesday) the 30th Guam legislature concluded it’s final session of it’s term. The next session will be held by the incoming 31st Guam legislature.

Last night, lawmakers passed several bills including Tina Muna Barnes’ “Guam Beverage Container Recycling Deposit Act.” Which will require importers of drinks to put down a 5 cent deposit on each bottle they bring in to go towards recycling. Also passed was Respicio’s bill that will provide annual mammograms for women aged 40 and older who are clients of the medically indigent program, Guthertz’s health care transparency act of 2010 which establishes an open process in healthcare insurance negotiations for employees and retirees of the government of Guam, Pangelinan’s bill that distributes additional COLA award payments for certificates of claim, and Respicio’s bill that expands the borrowing ability of the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority allowing that agency to enter into revolving loan funds and even direct loans. The incoming 31st Guam legislature will be made up of much of the same Democrat leadership but it will also include 6 new senators with no prior legislative experience.