31 now recovered, but infected per day still higher than recoveries


Governor Lou Leon Guerrero this morning took some hope from the rising number of island residents who have recovered from COVID-19, but cautioned that the number of people reported infected by the disease is still higher on average every day than the number of recoveries.

A total of 32 people have now recovered from the disease said the Governor in her morning FaceBook message updating island residents on the status of the disease.

However 8 additional cases of COVID-19 were reported Tuesday by Guam Public Health and that raises to 121 the total number of people who have contracted the disease on Guam.

“We have to work even harder and stay the course.” said the Governor who again urged residents to stay at home with your immediate family. “But that does not mean you can go visit your extended family,” she said.

The Governor also referred to the speed traps that have sprung up on island roadways the the DWI checkpoints that will begin Thursday which she again acknowledged will be used as an opportunity for police to remind drivers who are stopped to limit their travel and stay at home.

“I have directed our chief of police to work within the legal authority that we have,” said the Governor to again remind residents to “only go out for essential businesses and do what you need to do and then please, go home.”

The Governor also highlighted two pending federal coronavirus assistance programs

1.Recovery Rebate

This is a program that will provide a one time $1,200 rebate to individual tax payers who have income of $75,000 or less. The rebate is less for those with higher incomes.

The federal funds will be funneled through the Guam Department of Revenue and Taxation.

The Governor said “we hope to start that very soon,” but she did not set a date.

2.Pandemic Unemployment Program

The Governor said if you have been laid off, furloughed or had your hours cut as a result of the coronavirus you will be able to get a weekly check for up to 39 weeks.

The amount that Guam residents will receive has not yet been finalized.

The federal funds for this program will be channeled through the Guam Department of Labor and the Governor said she expects this program to be up and running by the end of this month.

“I’m totally aware of the burdens” said the Governor in closing. “I’m very sensitive to your needs.”

She said her administration continues to work very hard with its federal and military partners, as well as local businesses and non-profits “to provide further assistance and help for you.”