300+ DOE Employees File Grievances Over Hay Plan


Guam – More than 300 of the Department of Education’s employees have filed grievance complaints over the implementation of the hay pay plan.

DOE Deputy Superintendent Robert Malay told PNC today that 7.9% of DOE’s 4,000 employees had filed grievances. Malay says the grievances represent 14 different work sites within the department.

While some grievances have reached Step 2 of process, Malay says none of them have reached the Superintendent which is Step 3.

Many of the grievances were filed with the help of the Guam Federation of Teachers Union. Attorney Daniel Somerfleck also assisted employees at Agana Heights Elementary School.

The teachers and support staff filing the grievances claim that they were demoted when they were given new step rankings under the implementation of the Competitive Wage Act, known as the Hay Plan.