31st Legislature’s Standing Rules Available Online


Guam – In line with the Legislature’s commitment to transparency, Rules Chairman, Senator Rory J. Respicio today announced that the final version of the 31st Guam Legislature’s Standing Rules has been posted on line. During the January 3rd Session, the Legislature adopted the Standing Rules, pending technical corrections, which are now reflected in the final version.

Respicio explained, “Our Standing Rules is what guides us in nearly every aspect of our operations for individual offices, committee work, voting by Senators, and the Legislature as a whole. It establishes a code of conduct for Senators and legislative employees, and includes the Rules of Procedure for the Legislative Committee on Ethics and Standards. Furthermore, it sets up a structure to ensure openness, fairness, and transparency.”

“In our branch of government, we will always follow the Rule of Law, to ensure that our actions in the Legislature are deemed legitimate, appropriate and relevant. Our Standing Rules ensures that no one will ever have to rely on the de facto doctrine, to test the manner in which our actions are based and adopted. As a democracy, we are governed by these rules and our laws which safeguard our liberty. And, the laws we pass are mandatory, and contrary to a recent Supreme Court decision should not be considered directives,” Respicio added.

The 147 page document is available online at: