34th Legislature calls it quits

Sen. Therese Terlaje

Guam – No more overrides for these lawmakers. Barring an emergency, we’ve seen the last of sessioning for the 34th Guam Legislature.

Acting Speaker Therese Terlaje announced Monday that she will abide by the Open Government Law and not be calling the 34th back into session during the last four days of the term.

“The incoming 35th Legislature will be in place within a week and will be able to address any unfinished business or urgent matters,” Terlaje stated in a press release.

Late Friday afternoon Governor Calvo sent three veto message to Terlaje for legislation that sought to clarify the new property tax law, to legalize generous tax breaks for Core Tech Captive Insurance Corporation, and to revise Guam’s signage laws.

But Terlaje said that since the governor indicated no emergencies in his veto messages, such matters would be set for the next governor and next legislature to address further.