35th Guam Legislature signs Clean Water Guam Initiative Pledge

The pledge signing was organized by the Committee on Higher Education, the Advancement of Women Youth, and Senior Citizens.

Members of the 35th Guam Legislature signed the Clean Water Guam Initiative Pledge committing to support the non-profit One World, One Step initiative by upholding and promoting the idea of a plastic-free world by addressing personal lifestyle choices.

The pledge signing was organized by the Committee on Higher Education, the Advancement of Women Youth, and Senior Citizens. The initiative pledge is spearheaded by the One World One Step organization started by middle school students Kylie and Dylan Baker. Senator Amanda Shelton and members of the 35th Guam Legislature first met the siblings at the University of Guam Conference on Island Sustainability where they gave a SEED talk on their passion for ending single-use plastic on island.

After a meeting with Senator Amanda Shelton and Senator Régine Biscoe Lee to update the Legislature on their initiative, Senator Shelton’s committee organized this informational briefing and pledge signing for Dylan and Kylie to share their story and invite senators to take the pledge.

The non-profit’s first project is to provide bottle refill stations in public and private school around the island. To date, a total of 36,687 bottles have been saved from entering the landfill. Water stations have been installed at St. John’s School, Father Duenas Memorial, Notre Dame High School, Oceanview Middle School, Jose Rios Middle School, Southern High School, and John F. Kennedy High School.

The Committee on Rules of the 35th Guam Legislature at the event committed to obtaining a water station to be used by senators, staff, visitors, and tourists who frequent the Guam Congress Building.

Climate change and the battle against single-use plastics are some of the biggest issues facing our island,” said Senator Amanda Shelton. “It is inspiring to see young leaders like Kylie and Dylan take charge to spearhead an initiative that reduces our dependency on single-use plastic. We are glad to join together in the journey towards sustainability and island resiliency, and the Legislature thanks them for making this possible

Kyle and Dylan Baker are the children of Jude and Donna Baker and together as a family, they have made it their mission to make a difference and turn Guam into a single-use plastic-free zone through their non-profit. One World, One Step also provides a portable drinking bar to be used at events to reduce the use of single-use water bottles.

The entire presentation can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCuEIAIBzBg. If you or your organization is interested in signing the pledge or utilizing the water bar at one of your events, you can find more information on their website www.oneworldonestep.com. (press release)