2nd unemployment batch payments going out; 3rd batch being processed

GDOL PUA processing center (PNC file photo)

Another $36.4 million is heading to bank accounts on Guam next week, for unemployed and displaced residents.

The Department of Labor told PNC News on Thursday that it has finished up its second batch of payments, which would bring Guam’s total payout so far to some $70 million by next Tuesday.

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“We batched the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of June. We went through, cleaned out the claims, and at midnight last night, it was batched by the vendor and sent to DOA. Now, this is going to take probably until Tuesday or so, until people start seeing the money. Because that batch file has to be received and then that money has to be drawn down,” said David Dell’Isola, the Guam DOL Director.

He says the agency is in a good routine of batching now and is moving onto processing the third batch of payments.

The date range has not been finalized for the third batch, or how much the claims will add up to.

Dell’Isola says a typical payment amount so far has been around $9,000-$10,000, give or take.

Anyone who has already been paid will continue getting their weekly certification payouts with the large weekly batches, until the system is caught up with initial claims.

As of today, Thursday, 25,264 residents have submitted initial claims out of 31,983 names submitted to the system by employers.

The in-person processing center at GCC and the roving library set-up are still on-going. DOL has also set up a system for residents to call in and apply by phone.

To schedule an in-person appointment to apply for the PUA and FPUC programs call:

*(671) 988-3672
*(671) 788-0729
*(671) 689-1872

To apply for PUA and FPUC by phone beginning June 8, call (671) 735-0518 through 0526.

For more information, call 311 or (671) 735-0527 through 0532. Follow GDOL on social media for updates on Facebook (@guamdol) and Instagram (@dolguam).

For login issues, email webadmin@dol.guam.gov. For claim or weekly certification issues, email pua.hotline@dol.guam.gov.


READ the release from Guam DOL in FULL below:

For Immediate Release
June 25, 2020

Hagåtña, Guam — The Guam Department of Labor announces the release of $36.4 million, the second batch of payments for initial claims without issues filed through June 4 for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. The claimants can expect to receive these payments early next week. With this second batch, the total amount paid out is now $78.3 million with $6.3 million going toward taxes.

“Our team is continuing to work around the clock to clear claims and ensure unemployment funds get into the hands of our people,” said Labor Director David Dell’Isola. “We are also still helping those who may have made mistakes on their claims or are trying to apply for the first time.”

The Department reminds applicants that PUA payments are retroactive to those who qualify, but that benefits no longer apply to those who have gone back to work at their regular hours prior to the pandemic. The weekly threshold of $494 or less to be eligible for PUA only applies to applicants whose work hours have been reduced as a direct effect of COVID-19.

Employees who have received paychecks through the Pandemic Payment Protection Program also do not qualify.

However, they may be eligible for PUA for the weeks they do not receive PPP.

Payments For those who have been approved for benefit disbursement but have had their electronic fund transfers bounce back for reasons such as inputting the wrong account information, the Department of Administration will automatically issue paper checks and then mail them to the addresses listed on the claims. The process could take up to 10 days.

Please do not contact DOA to find out if your application has been approved and processed for payment.

Possible reasons for applications not being cleared may include applications missing a picture ID, limited or absence of documentation, a lack of work history or having an off-island bank account.


The department continues to be on the lookout for fraudulent claims. Many applications that have been flagged have turned out to be caused by user error. However there have been claims flagged as fraud that the department is investigating. 

Claimant frand may include:
● Knowingly submitting false information (social security number, income, etc.);
● Collecting benefits when ineligible;
● Certifying for benefits while not being able and available to work; and
● Intentionally collecting full benefits while not reporting wages or income.
To report fraud and abuse of GDOL programs, please contact the inspector general at (800) 347-3756. 

In-person applications 

Guam Department of Labor continues to offer in-person applications for first-time applicants by appointment only. 

Applicants can call for an appointment at the Guam Community College processing center, or at one of the roving public libraries. 

The phone numbers are: 

● 988-3672
● 788-0729
● 689-1872 

Application centers offer appointments from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. for senior citizens, veterans and persons with disabilities. From 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. all first-time applicants are welcome by appointment only. 

Phone applications 

Residents can also apply over the phone by calling: 

● 735-0518
● 735-0519
● 735-0520
● 735-0521
● 735-0522
● 735-0523
● 735-0524
● 735-0525
● 735-0526. 

For more information on the unemployment assistance programs, call 311, 735-0527 or 735-0532 on weekdays. 

For login issues, email webadmin@dol.guam.gov. For claim or weekly certification issues, email – pua.hotline@dol.guam.gov.