36 Year Old Father of Two Year Old Girl Arrested for Leaving Her in Locked Car


Guam – Guam Police Sunday arrested the 36 year old father of a 2 year old girl who was left inside a locked car.

Terciano Nikonas was charged Monday with Child Abuse and Leaving a Child Unattended in a Motor Vehicle.

READ the Magistarte’s report HERE [scroll down, 2nd one down]

According to the Magistrate’s report police were called to the Asan Flea Market about 7:30am where the 2 year old girl was found by passers-by sweating and screaming, inside the car, wearing only a diaper.

One of the bystanders was able to slide her arm through a small opening in the car window and unlock the door, while the other rescued the crying baby.

The father and mother of the child returned to the car to see police there.

The mother couldn’t speak English, but the father told police that he was with the child in the car waiting for the mother, but left for about 10 minutes to go get food.

CPS took the child into their custody.