3rd Annual Lukao Fuha Traditional Chamoru Procession to Fuha Rock is Saturday


The Lukao Fuha is a spiritual procession to Fuha rock in Umatac observed by the Chamoru people prior to the Spanish colonization of the Marianas.

Guam – This Saturday is the 3rd annual Lukao Fuha or procession to Fuha rock in the village of Umatac.



 Fuha rock is a sacred site that plays a major role in the Chamorro creation myth. In fact according to legend it is the birthplace of humankind. Prior to the Spanish colonization of the Marianas the Chamoru people would make an annual spiritual trek to Fuha rock. This practice was revived three years ago by the “Our Islands Are Sacred” group. One of the organizers of this years lukao is Moneka De Oro. “We did the first one in 2014 and it’s the first time a gathering like this has happened in over four hundred years and it’s actually a documented sacred site that Chamorus would go to every year annually to pray for things like good harvest and for life and for good luck for their families and their clans but everyone from the Marianas all the way up to the island of Maug would process down here and gather there around this auspicious time of the year,” said De Oro.


 The timing of the lukao was based on the lunar new year. The procession to Fuha rock is open to anyone who wants to attend all you have to do is meet at the Umatac community center at 8am on Saturday.