3rd Annual Pink Ball Packs the Dusit Thani


The proceeds from the annual fundraiser will go to Guam Cancer Care.

Guam – The 2016 Pink Rocks Pink Ball was a hit! The Dusit Thani’s convention hall was packed with support for a cause that helps to fight cancer.



“It’s a great event it’s a great event to bring everybody together for a great cause and bring in Constatine Morales is something new for Guam so it’s a tremendous treat for all of us.” said Executive Director and Guam Cancer Care Co-Founder Terry Cuabo.


This is only the third annual Pink Ball and each year it keeps getting bigger and better. “I love it the food is delicious and I love what is going on in there the decoration is super cool I love the guitar as my center piece it’s super cute,” said Sky Baker.


“We’ve been having a blast right guys? Yeah I mean how often would you be able to dress up and all wear the same colored shirt and be coordinating and not be a boy band,” said JD Iriarte while surrounded by friends.


The Pink Ball was held in the Dusit Thani’s brand new convention center. “This being the first time that we’re hosting the Pink Ball, fabulous time I’m just proud to be able to showcase our property for this event for a great cause and to welcome new guests here,” said Dusit Thani’s Marissa Borja.


The entertainment included American Idol winner Constantine Maroulis and a sneak peak at musical production called Annie that will be featured at the Resorts World Manila this fall. Daddy War Bucks will be played by Philippine Actor/Director Michael De Mesa. “I completely support any event or organization with regards to cancer because I lost my brother to cancer so I’m really glad to lend a helping hand for a good cause and I believe this is the third year for the Pink Ball so I’d like to congratulate all the organizers and more success in the coming years,” said De Mesa.


Resorts World Manila is one of the sponsors of this year’s Pink Ball and they have a special promo for 6,000 pesos or $130 U.S. dollars you get accommodations for two with breakfast and two show tickets to watch Annie. “We invite all the Guam people to come and watch. Go to Resorts World Manila watch Annie and Daddy War Bucks,” said Owen Cammayo Corporate Communications Director of Resorts World Manila.


You can get there via another Pink Ball sponsor Cebu Pacific.

“I’m so privileged I feel so honored on behalf of Cebu Pacific I’d like to thank Pink Ball for inviting us and having us giving us this opportunity to be a part of this big and amazing happening that’s in Guam,” said Cebu Pacific Wholesaler Emily Wallace Owner of Golden Ace Travels.


“We’re so excited we’re so honored for the tremendous support we received tonight,” said Pink Ball committee Chairwoman Leahbeth Nahalowaa adding, “I don’t know how we’re gonna top this next year but we’re so excited very good turnout.”


There were many VIP’s in attendance like Former Governor and first lady Felix and Joanne Camacho. “It’s one of the premiere events that people can begin to look forward to every year. I think next week we’ve got Make-A-Wish Foundation there’s the Red Ball and so this ranks right up there with them and for all the sponsors all the corporate people that came out and all the residents of Guam thank you for supporting this great cause to take care of people with cancer,” said Governor Felix Camacho.


The third annual Pink Ball was a success. The proceeds from the annual fundraiser will go to Guam Cancer Care.