3rd arrest made in Messier murder case

(Brandon James Flaherty)

On October 26, Guam Police Department detectives continued their investigation with a third male suspect in the Adam Messier murder case.

During the course of the investigation, GPD said areas of interest were identified which resulted in detectives conducting a search with the assistance of the Department of Public Works personnel and equipment on property in the northern region of Guam.

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According to GPD, that search led to the discovery and seizure of evidence and an additional suspect was identified and interviewed relative to the case.

As a result, Brandon James Flaherty, 29, male, Caucasian, was arrested for aggravated murder. He was booked and confined.

According to the magistrate’s complaint on the case, four male individuals had allegedly beaten and strangled Messier to death.

Back on Sept. 21, 2017, Messier’s wife made a missing person complaint, saying she had not seen him since September 10.

On Dec. 27, 2020, GPD received information from an anonymous source that a Jason Alianza and his girlfriend were involved in the case but they were not located at that time.

Then on Oct. 17 of this year, officers learned that Alianza’s girlfriend, Thomasheena Rios, was detained in regard to open cases against her.

Rios told GPD that Alianza, who is now deceased, had moved into Horizon Condo with the victim on Sept. 1, 2017, and had wanted to “tie the victim up and beat him” after Messier threatened to report Alianza to the landlord for illicit drug use.

Rios said that the morning after Alianza made the aforementioned statement, she saw the victim being beaten by four males. Rios identified three of the males as Jason Alianza, Curtis James Blas (who was Alianza’s son), and Donavan Elliot Alianza Cariaga who was Alianza’s younger brother.

The report stated that Carriaga strangled Messier with a tie strap after the beating and had disposed of the body afterward.

As of Oct. 26, GPD detectives were continuing their investigation into the case, leading them to the arrest of Brandon James Flaherty, the third suspect in the case.