4 Judiciary employees test positive for COVID 19

Guam Judicial Center (PNC file photo)

The Judiciary of Guam has been notified that four employees have tested positive for COVID-19.

The Judiciary has and continues to diligently implement, conduct and comply with Guam Dept. of Public Health and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notification of exposure guidelines and protocols.

To protect and promote the public health and safety of all Judiciary employees and court patrons, the Judiciary continues to make diligent efforts to implement, practice and enforce public health protocols to prevent and avoid a potential workplace exposure.

The Judiciary also continues to sanitize and scrub all of its facilities on a daily basis. Judiciary employees and all court patrons are required to be screened by the Judiciary’s Marshals prior to entry – which includes the taking of temperature and the answering of screening questions.

Additionally, all court patrons and employees within the Judiciary facilities are also required at all times to wear a mask/face covering and stay at least six feet apart from each other.

(Judiciary News Release)