4 months of prison time handed down to previously convicted sex trafficker

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Guam – Four months and two years’ probation, that is the sentence handed down on previously convicted sex trafficker Saknin Weria.

Since the circumstances of her second case are so unusual, Weria asked the Federal court’s mercy and discretion in handing down a sentence.

“This is not the typical illegal reentry case, and Ms. Weria is not the typical illegal reentry offender. She is deserving of the Court’s mercy and discretion,” stressed her attorney.

Saknin Weria was convicted in 2013 in federal court for conspiracy and in local court for felonious restraint for her role in holding girls hostage at the Blue House lounge where women, some minors, were subjected to prostitution.

In both cases, Weria was not sentenced to additional jail time and was instead given probation or a suspended sentence. She was, however, deported by federal authorities back to her home country of Chuuk.

But under the alleged direction of misinformation provided to her by a family member, Weria supposedly believed she could return to Guam to attend her father’s graduation ceremony. Upon arrival, she quickly learned that she had violated the law by returning after being deported.

Based on this violation, Weria was looking at a lengthy prison term, which would have cost tax payers more than 3-thousand dollars a month during incarceration.


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