4 more arrested for illegal fishing

Miscellaneous fishing paraphernalia utilized and assorted reef fish caught within the Achang MPA. (DOAG photo)

The Department of Agriculture (DOAG), Law Enforcement Section Conservation Officers, working hard to protect Guam’s natural resources, executed an arrest of four (4) individuals on August 4, 2020.

Conservation Officers responded to a call from the community regarding possible illegal fishing. Officers responded and conducted surveillance in the Achang Reef Flat Marine Preserve Area (MPA).

At approximately 9:25 pm, three (3) individuals were arrested for illegally fishing in the Achang MPA and one (1) individual was arrested for guilt established by complicity. Conservation Officers confiscated a total of eighty-six (86) assorted reef fish, one (1) slipper lobster, miscellaneous fishing paraphernalia and one (1) vehicle.

Arrested were:

Francisco Reyes, 35, from Agat

Bendino Jak Isasio, 38, from Dededo

Luckson Ham, 41, from Santa Rita

Obrain Raymond, 50, from Dededo


Agriculture Director Chelsa Muna-Brecht declares, “We are proud of our Conservation Officers. Each MPA patrol protects essential fish habitat and each arrest is another step we take toward saving our natural resources for us all.”

Violators will face Criminal Court and Civil Court proceedings for infractions thereof.

The Department of Agriculture is working with Senator Pedo Terlaje on implementing a “CITATION PROGRAM” that will de-criminalize certain sections of current 5 GCA, Chapter 63 as well as Conservation, Hunting & Fishing Regulations. Violators henceforth will be issued a” Citation Notice” and subjected to the payment of a fine, as per “Fines and Fee Schedule” so designated.

(DOAG News Release)