4 more graduate from Judiciary Adult Drug Court

Graduates from the Adult Drug Court receive their certificates. (Photo courtesy Judiciary of Guam)

The Judiciary of Guam this morning celebrated the graduation of four people from its Adult Drug Court Program.

During a ceremony at the Guam Judicial Center Superior Court, Judge Anita Sukola said: “We are here to celebrate you today. To celebrate your success, your commitment to sobriety and your commitment to live better, healthier, more productive drug-free lives.”

“You are starting with a good and clean slate,” said Judge Sukola. The cases against each graduate will be closed and their criminal records expunged.

“You could get a job and actually say you have no convictions,” said the judge.

Over the past 14 years, 396 have graduated from the Adult Drug Court and there are 119 people currently enrolled in the program.

The Judiciary of Guam Adult Drug Court is one of 3000 Adult Drug Courts in the United States that integrates a systemic and coordinated approach to the management of nonviolent offenders with substance abuse difficulties by combining treatment and a system of sanctions and incentives in judicially supervised rehabilitation programs.