4 Witnesses Testify on Day 2 Of Quinata Trial

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On the 3rd day of the Rudy Quinata Trial, more government witnesses testified to the difficult relationship between Sked and Quinata.

PNC’s Don Sulat also has the report on this story…

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Today, there was a total of 4 government witnesses who testified before Judge Vernon Perez.

Of the 4 witnesses, there were 2 with the Guam Police Department Forensic Science Division, a firefighter with the Guam Fire Department, along with Maurice Powell, a relative of Rudy Quinata.

During the trial, Powell, who was the first witness called to the stand today, continued the ongoing description of Quinata and Joyner Sked’s relationship. According to Powell, the couple had a rocky relationship, and they often argued.

Similar to other witnesses, Powell states that he was at one point neighbors with Quinata and Sked. Moreover, when asked how Sked compared to Quinata’s previous partners and if she stood out compared to others, Powell said, “very much.”

According to Josiah Aguon, who testified on Day 2 of the trial, yelling and arguments between Quinata and Sked were common to hear.

Aguon reaffirmed what Quinata’s sister, Darthea Santiago, said during Friday’s trial. During arguments, said Aguon, Quinata would sometimes call the Guam Police Department.

Aguon also reported that he did not know why Quinata would call for police officers; all he knew was that Quinata needed to call them.

Furthermore, Jane Roe, a minor who part of the Government’s witnesses, also reported that both Quinata and Ked would argue “almost everyday.”

The trial is set to continue Tuesday, March 22nd at 9:30 am.

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