40+ Customs Officers Trained To Detect Illegal Pesticides


Guam- Guam Customs and Quarantine has teamed up with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Guam EPA to detect and intercept illegal pesticides.

The enforcement training was conducted at the customs building in Tiyan where over 40 customs officers learned more on the importation and detection of various types of illegal pesticides. U.S. EPA Region 9 Project Officer Marcy Katzin says the number of illegal products has greatly reduced since more trainings have been conducted. She mentions the challenge with identifying illegal pesticides is that sometimes these products are disguised as food or drinks and the labels can be in foreign languages.

“Some of the products are not in English” said Katzin. “And so sometimes, it’s difficult when there is no English on the label to be able to tell if it’s a pesticide or not and if it’s required to be registered with U.S. EPA. That’s a primary problem.”

Katzin adds every registered pesticide has an EPA registration number and safety directions.

This is the third training session Guam EPA has done with Customs officers in the past 5 years.