4,000 residents to receive LWA payments this week; unemployment batching every week through Christmas

GDOL PUA processing center (PNC file photo)

Thousands of Lost Wages Assistance program payments are finally making their way to bank accounts today

The $4.7 million batch was put together last Tuesday but the Guam Department of Labor held payments until they could sift through the cases themselves to ensure no fraud was getting in.

Unlike other federal programs, GovGuam is on the hook to reimburse FEMA for any fraudulent LWA payments made out.

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This is President Trump’s $300-a-week program for a six-week period from the end of July until the beginning of September.

GDOL Director David Dell’Isola had estimated that 25,000 residents on island could be eligible, meaning they made more than $100 in PUA over that time period.

But he says this batch covers only about 4,000 LWA recipients.

“The biggest problem that we have when we’re auditing the claims to make sure they’re clean, is that a lot of people forgot to put in separation letters from their employers. At the very beginning of the program, when you were first furloughed, laid off, or reduced, then you had to get an employer separation [letter]. Then you went back to work but you were let go again because of the second PCOR, then you need another letter,” Dell’Isola said.

He added: “And/or, you need some check stubs that show that you were back to work, because a lot of people went back to work on reduced hours and they were collecting partial PUA. We need to show what that amount was in the cheque.”

Dell’Isola says they’re additionally batching another set of regular PUA payments tomorrow that will cover all clean claims up to October 1st.

He says their goal is to get through all of October and November PUA payments by Christmas along with all clean LWA payouts.