Turkey’s Stolen From St. Francis; 42 Break-Ins at Yona School in 2011


Guam – Saint Francis Catholic School been broken into, again. It is the 42ed time since the start of 2011 that thieves have broken into the Yona school.

This time, the thieves targeted the Thanksgiving turkey’s that were stored in the school’s walk-in freezer. 5 turkeys were stolen, along with some boxes of hot pockets and wings, as well as other food items.

The food was being stored for next week’s annual family Thanksgiving meal for students, parents and staff at the school.

Kevin Delgado is the school’s Academic Affairs Administrator. He reports that the thieves apparently broke in sometime early this morning.

Fortunately, Delgado says, a group from the Rotary Club of Guam was visiting the school today on an un-related issue. When they heard about the theft, they immediately donated 9 turkey’s to St. Francis.

Still, Delgado says the repeated break-ins are taking a toll on the students and they are preparing a special recorded message to whom-ever the thieves are to let them know about the paid they have inflicted on the school, and asking them to stop.