42 Disqualified from Food Stamp Program


The total restitution owed by the disqualified individuals is $31,901.

Guam – Dozens of people have been disqualified from the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program also known as the food stamp program.


According to a release from the Department of Public Health and Social Services, 41 individuals were disqualified from the food stamp program while 1 individual was disqualified from the TANF or temporary assistance for needy families program.

The total amount of restitution owed by the disqualified individuals is $31,901.

According to public health, 35 people were disqualified for trafficking or purchasing non-food items with their EBT card and 7 were disqualified for failing to report timely employment.

The punishment is 12 months disqualification for first time violators, 24 months for second time violators and permanent disqualification for the third violation. You can read the full release by clicking on the file below.




  1. I actually witnessed at the Tamuning Cost U Less a Quest card couple who came out of the store and headed to a vehicle I thought was theirs. They opened the vehicle and proceeded to load groceries. The funny thing about it was that they didn’t load ALL of the groceries. They then went to another vehicle across the way and loaded the remaining groceries into it. I’m guessing that they were sharing with another family. The culture I see here of HELP ME. I CAN’T FEND FOR MYSELF makes me sick. Get off your duggans and earn a living like normal people do even if it means working at a burger joint or cleaning public restrooms. Stop leaching from the government! Food stamps are supposed to be temporary but here on Guam, it lasts generations. Taimamalao! (Shameful!)

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