43 Teams Pull a Boeing, Raise $21-K to Fight Cancer


Guam – 43 teams gathered on the tarmac of the Guam International Airport Saturday for the 6th annual plane pull to raise funds to fight cancer.

The goal of the competition was to pull a Boeing 737 along a 12 foot lane in the shortest amount of time.

A Boeing 737 is 129 feet long, 41 feet high, 124 feet wide, and 145,000 pounds.

Following a parade of teams, the competition got underway at 9:30 this morning [Saturday].


Men’s Division –

[GTA Team Hala – Men’s]

1. GTA Team Hala  with a time of 4.68 seconds

2. Team GPA with a time of 4.70 seconds

3. Team Dewitt with a time of 4.80 seconds.

Co-Ed Division:

[GTA Team Hala -Co-Ed]

1. GTA Team Hala with a time of 4.87 seconds

2.  GPO and Port Authority of Guam with Team Port Strong in second place with
4.96 seconds

3. NTT Docomo Pacific Max Pullers in third place with 5.20 seconds.

The Team Spirit award went to The Westin Resort Guam, which is the third consecutive year that that team has won the coveted Team Spirit award.

The event raised $21,500 for the American Cancer Society.

There were 20 members to a team, with 5 alternates and the teams were divided into a men’s division and a co-ed division that had to include a minimum of six female members.

A release from United-Continental quotes Plane Pull Event Chairwoman Alethea Flores as saying”

“It is heartening to see hundreds of people and dozens of organizations who want to participate in this worthy effort aimed to celebrate the victory of cancer survivors.”