44-year-old Guam travel agency shuts its doors in wake of COVID downturn


More businesses are shuttering in the wake of the COVID-19 economic downturn on Guam.

Travel Pacificana, a travel agency that has been in businesses on Island for over 40 years will be closing its doors for good.

In a news release issued on Friday, August 14, Gregg Konsanke, the President of the travel agency said, “it is with great sadness…that we must close our Travel Pacificana business. While we hoped to hang on a while longer, the order of the Government of Guam to close down and enter PCOR1, effective August 16 has pushed us over the edge and has given us no other alternative other than to close down immediately.”

Konsanke, goes on to say, “as you can imagine, this is a most painful day – after 44 years of business this pandemic has slowed our business so drastically for five months, and with no relief in sight, that we cannot continue.”

In light of the closure, Travel Pacificana says any current customer will still be able to contact them until September 15. In the news release, the company writes that customers may reach them through their usual email addresses, or call 472-8884 for the General Manager, Arlene Finona, and at 472-8885 for the Senior Reservation Agent, Donna Herrero.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all, as well as the community of Guam in general, for your support of our services for such an extended time,” Konsanke added in the release.