VIDEO: 4AB Still Hot Topic, Teachers Ask “Why All The Secrecy?”


Guam – While the 4AB schedule for high schools has been postponed for a year, teachers still aired their concerns on the issue during a roundtable discussion called by Speaker Judi Won Pat Tuesday night.


One teacher questioned the Guam Education Board’s secrecy on the matter, suggesting that principals had been ordered not to talk with teachers about the changes.

“They said that they were called to an emergency faculty meeting to discuss this 4A schedule and they were told that the principal had informed the school that the board had informed the principal to keep it a secret until it was time to share the information,” a George Washington High School teacher said on behalf of another unnamed teacher. “So the teacher had asked, ‘Is it true that the principals were told not to discuss this information? And if it were true then why all the secrecy?’”

Board Member Joe San Agustin revealed that he also saw the email.

“I got a copy of that email,” San Agustin said during the Roundtable. “The principal was told not to tell anybody.”

The implementation of the schedule has been postponed for one school year upon DOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez’s recommendation to to the board.

“I’ll be honest when I was back on the mainland listening to this issue I hoped it would be resolved before I started,” Fernandez said during the roundtable discussion. Fernandez says he plans to listen to input from all sides of the issue.

Teachers spoke out against the 4AB schedule after the board voted to implement it in the upcoming school year in February saying they were not able provide their input on the schedule.