VIDEO: Up To 4-Thousand CNMI Unemployed Workers Poised to Take Over Jobs Once Held By Foreign Laborers


Guam  – Some 3,000 to 4,000 unemployed CNMI residents could be poised to take over at least 5,663 work contracts of foreign workers set to expire between January and November this year, a local lawmaker said following a meeting with the Department of Labor.

Rep. Frederick P. Deleon Guerrero said the end goal is to help the up to 4,000 jobless residents find a job in the private sector, particularly the foreign worker-held positions with contracts that are expiring this year.

The Labor’s list of job categories, however, Palacios said include highly specialized jobs that could be impossible if not difficult to be filled with resident workers, including those for physicians, nurses, dentists, and translators.

The list cites, for example, a foreign accountant earning $24,000 a year and whose contract expires on Sunday, or a staff nurse earning more than $33,000 a year with a contract expiring on May 1, or an assistant general manager earning $44,400 a year and with a contract ending on Jan. 14.

Gov. Benigno R. Fitial said last week there are almost 2,000 unemployed foreign workers who would have been deported under CNMI immigration laws.