Karate Tournament This Saturday At Agana Heights Gym


Guam – The island’s up and coming Kyokushinkai Karate practitioners will put their skills to the test in the Kyokushinkai 4th Freshman Karate Tournament.

This tournament is geared towards students new to Kyokushin tournaments.  It gives competitors that are no higher than blue belt who have competed in less than four competitions an introduction to tournament style fighting and what improvements, if any, need to be made to their skill and strategy.

38 competitors are signed up and divided, by age, into 9 categories ranging from under 10 years old to adults.  The tournament is full contact striking minus head strikes and takedowns.  The scores are based on where contact was made along with technique and form and less protective gear is worn the older competitors get.  This tournament will only feature fighting categories and there will be no kata (forms) competition.

The Guam Kyokushinkai 4th Freshmen Karate Tournament is this Saturday, Feb. 26th at the Agana Heights Gym.  Doors will open at 10:00 AM and tickets are $5 in advance and $8 at the door.  The proceeds will go the Kyokushinkai organization for future tournaments here and abroad.  Check out the website at guamkyokushinkai.com.