5 other bills signed into law

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero has signed Bill 186-35, the budget bill, into law. Aside from the budget bill, five other bills were signed into law.

Aside from the fiscal year 2020 budget bill, five other bills have been signed into law by Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero.

The new laws promote social welfare on the island and saves the Guam airport millions of dollars.

The bills signed by the governor are:

• Bill 140-35 by Senator Joe San Agustin – Authorizes the Guam International Airport Authority to refund all or a portion of its outstanding general revenue bonds. The bill is now Public Law 35-33.
• Bill 135-35 by Senator Mary Torres – Permits more than six foster children per foster home. The bill is now Public Law 35-34.
• Bill 159-35 by Senator Therese Terlaje– Increases the capacity of occupancy at emergency and temporary shelters for children placed under protective custody. The bill is now Public Law 35-35.
• Bill 73-35 by Senator Amanda Shelton – Reduces the required number of council members in the Guam Council on Senior Citizens from 17 to 9. The bill is now Public Law 35-31.
• Bill 126-35 by Senator Mary Torres– Makes exceptions for homeless individuals in obtaining a Guam identification card. The bill is now Public Law 35-32.

According to the governor, with the ability to refund a portion of their bonds, the Guam airport will be able to use the money as leverage for over $100 million in grant funding.

“I’m pleased that Senator San Agustin worked with the airport officials to make this work,” the governor said in a release.

On Bill 73-35, the governor said reducing the number of members to the Guam Council on Senior Citizens not only makes it more manageable to provide services for the island’s manamko’, it also cuts down the budget for stipends.

“I appreciate Senator Shelton’s devotion to the senior citizens of our island. I also
want to commend Senators Torres and Terlaje for always keeping the interests of our children in mind. Bills 135-35 and 159-35 go a long way in improving the lives of foster children, and Bill 126-35 serves as a tool to help homeless people and youth reintegrate into society,” the governor said.

She added: “I am proud to sign these measures that address the needs of the most vulnerable in our society. As a mother and grandmother, there’s nothing more important to me than the safety and protection of all our children and our people.”