5 public school students asked not to attend classes as a precautionary measure

Guam Department of Education (PNC file photo)

The Guam Department of Education today acknowledged that five students were told not to attend classes at their school for two weeks because they recently returned from China or are in contact with persons who have recently been in China.

On Wednesday, a memo was sent to all staff, parents, and students advising them that GDOE had implemented a mandatory 14-day excused absence policy for anyone showing symptoms of the novel coronavirus.

That policy went into effect at the start of this week.

Yesterday, PNC News asked how many, if any, students had been given a two-week excused absence.

This afternoon, Superintendent Jon Fernandez responded, saying: “We have five students that fall under this policy as of Friday. We are thankful that they are adhering to these guidelines.”

“This measure was implemented in an abundance of caution,” added Fernandez, and it “goes beyond the guidance we were given.”

The superintendent said he expects that the 14 days will be completed by next week and the five students will be allowed to return to school.

“Our nurses are in communication with the students,” said Fernandez.

Public health officials have repeatedly emphasized that there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus on Guam.