VIDEO: 5 Simon Sanchez Students Injured, 2 Critical, After Pickup Slams Into Power Pole


Guam – 5 teenagers were injured after their Toyota Tundra pickup went off-road and struck a concrete power pole near Potts Junction this morning [Thursday].

The accident happened just past 10 am off  Route 3A near Potts junction. There were 6 teens in the vehicle, 5 in the cab and 1 in the bed of the pickup. The youth in the bed of the pickup was thrown from the vehicle.

Sgt. Mike Aguon, with Guam Highway Patrol, told PNC News that the youth in the bed of the pickup was thrown from the vehicle and sustained the most serious injuries.

Sgt. Aguon also said  that all of the youths are students at Simon Sanchez High School and all of them are under the age of 18.

GMH Spokesman Connor Murphy says that 4 youths were brought to GMH. 2 are in critical condition and the other 2 are still being evaluated. The 5th youth was taken to Naval Hospital. Joint Region Public Affairs Officer Coleen San Nicolas-Perez says the 17 year old was treated and released.

At the scene, Guam Public Information Officer A.J. Balajadia said that for reasons not yet clear, the Toyota pickup left the paved roadway and travelled about 50 yards off-road along the grassy area beside Route 3 close to the line of concrete power poles.

As the pickup was passing in between one pole and the stabilizing  guide wire attached to the pole, the driver’s side slammed into the side of the pole. 

The vehicle was travelling at a high rate of speed, but officers would not estimate how fast.

Officer Balajadia said the force of the impact was great enough to “torque” the bed of the pickup.

As usual, speed and drugs and alcohol will all be looked at as possible factors in the crash.