5 Year Old Girl Hit By Car in Mangilao Identfied as Carlie Jean Quichocho


Quichocho remains in critical condition at the Guam Naval Hospital. 

Guam – The five-year old girl who was hit while crossing the street on her bicycle in Mangilao yesterday is in critical condition at the Guam Naval Hospital.


Family members of the girl have identified her as Carlie Jean Quichocho family members shared her picture on social media and asked the public for prayers. Quichocho was hit by a man who was driving a 2005 Nissan Sentra while she and her 12 year old brother were trying to cross the street on their bicycles towards the Mobil Gas station in Mangilao. According to Officer Perez the kids live in the Taitano Apartments next to Pacific Tyre in Mangilao. GPD closed the road in front of Mobil yesterday(Thurs.) to investigate the crash. The car that hit Carlie was still there in the center lane with her bicycle wedged underneath it. The crash itself happened in middle of the road in front of Mobil. 


  1. Very sad news regarding the death of this girl. Could it have been prevented? Maybe if the parents of this girl were present it might have. Maybe if the driver wasn’t disobeying traffic rules like not running a red light. The death is senseless. It shouldn’t have happened and now who will face the blame for her death? Possibly no one. Life just isn’t fair.

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